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My Favorite Free Tot School Resources

I recently wrote a whole post about what Tot School is, but basically, it’s intentional play and learning time with your toddler. Which means that you don’t have to purchase or print out any specific supplies to get started — you can simply use what you have! That being said, taking advantage of some of the free Tot School resources available can make the experience much more effective and fun for you and your toddler.

Where to Find FREE Resources for Tot School |

There are so many sites now where you can find creative ideas for crafts and learning activities, as well as amazing printables, such as flash cards, play dough mats, three-part cards, coloring sheets, matching activities, and much more. (And if you laminate the printables or pop them into a sheet protector, you can re-use them again and again. I’ll be sharing a list of my favorite Tot School supplies, like my laminator, soon! You can sign up for my email list if you’d like to be notified when that post goes live.)

Today I’m sharing my go-to sites for free Tot School resources. These are the websites I go to when I need some ideas and inspiration or new printables to use with my son. I appreciate the quality and creativity they offer and I think you will, too. Oh, and one of these sites graciously offered me a free printable to share with you today, so keep reading to find out more about that! Continue reading “My Favorite Free Tot School Resources”

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7 Tips to Survive Winter with a Toddler

7 Tips to Survive Winter with a Toddler | www.saraheverafter.comAh, winter. The season of snowball fights, sledding races, skiing and snowboarding, building snowmen in the front yard, hot cocoa with marshmallows, warm sweaters, cozy blankets and flannel sheets. Oh yeah, and….

Cabin Fever.

Especially if you have kids who are used to running off all their pent-up energy outside and have now been confined within the same four walls for weeks on end.

I’ve learned a few things in the last couple of months about how to keep both myself and my toddler from succumbing to cabin fever as this winter seems to drag on and on and on. Today I’m sharing some simple strategies that can help you and your child to beat the winter blahs! Continue reading “7 Tips to Survive Winter with a Toddler”

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What Is Tot School?

What Is Tot School? And Is It Worth Doing? | www.saraheverafter.comI first heard about Tot School years ago, before I even knew whether I would ever be a parent myself. I thought it sounded like such a cool idea, and I’ve been excited about giving it a try pretty much since I found out I was pregnant. But now that Little Buddy is a toddler, I’m realizing that it’s not as easy to jump into teaching a toddler as I expected. It’s taken a little more research and a lot more effort than I expected to find ways to do Tot School with him in a way we can both enjoy. I’ll be sharing a series of posts on Tot School in the upcoming months on the blog. In this first post, we’ll discuss the basics — what is Tot School and why give it a try? Continue reading “What Is Tot School?”

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7 Things That Are Saving Me This Winter (2018)

7 Things That Are Saving Me This Winter 2018 | www.saraheverafter.comI tried hard to stay positive this winter. I really did. I focused on how pretty the snow looks blanketing our yard and enjoying the rare sunshiny day. I pushed aside thoughts about gray skies and the days it was just too plain cold to get out of the house with my toddler.

But a few days ago, it all just hit me. The gray skies, the bare trees, the freezing weather, the need to bundle up in a million layers just to run to the store for groceries. I felt so tired of winter, so blah. So blue.

Then I read a post by Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy about focusing on the things that are saving us, rather than the things that are killing us. And she suggested writing our own list and linking it up to her post, so that’s what I’m doing today. Continue reading “7 Things That Are Saving Me This Winter (2018)”

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