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Easy Homemade Granite Cleaner

Are you looking for a recipe for a Homemade Granite Cleaner? One that’s made with inexpensive ingredients that you probably already have on hand? That will clean and disinfect without harsh chemicals and leave your kitchen or bathroom counters sparkling?

Look no further because today I’m sharing my favorite Homemade Granite Cleaner recipe!An Easy-to-Make, Inexpensive Homemade Granite Cleaner that will leave your counters clean and sparkling!Lately I’ve been trying to replace as many of our household cleaning products as possible with greener options. When I started looking for a natural way to clean and disinfect our granite counters, I hit a bit of snag. Most of the recipes I came across for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces recommended using vinegar because it’s so effective as a disinfectant. (This AMAZING Homemade Soap Scum Remover is a great example.) But unfortunately there are some surfaces that you shouldn’t use vinegar on–and granite is one of them. This is because the acid in the vinegar (which is safe on most surfaces) can damage the granite.

So if you have granite counters in your kitchen or bathroom and you want to make a homemade cleaning spray that will disinfect and polish them, what can you use instead of vinegar?

Fortunately, the answer is simple: alcohol! Like vinegar, alcohol disinfects surfaces effectively, and because it isn’t acidic it’s safe to use on picky surfaces like granite. So what will you need to make an alcohol-based granite cleaner?

Four Simple Ingredients, One Awesome Granite Spray!

An Easy-to-Make, Inexpensive Homemade Granite Cleaner that will leave your counters clean and sparkling!

You’ll need:

  1. alcohol (rubbing alcohol or vodka) – safely disinfects and polishes granite counters without leaving streaks
  2. dish soap – helps to cut grease and other grime
  3. essential oils – add extra cleaning power (depending on the type) and leave behind a nice scent
  4. water – holds together all the other ingredients so they can do their jobs

Put it all in a spray bottle and you’re done. You can purchase a lovely glass bottle or just do what I do and use a cute plastic one from the dollar store. 🙂

Would you like to give this Homemade Granite Cleaner a try? Here’s the recipe:

DIY Granite Cleaner

A simple recipe to make your own natural cleaning spray that's safe for granite!

Total Time 5 minutes


  • 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol or vodka
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 1-2 drops dish soap or castile soap
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil (see note)


  1. Mix all ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well to combine. Spray onto surface and use a cloth (microfiber works best) to wipe and polish counters.

Recipe Notes

*You can omit the essential oil or use a different one if you prefer. Even citrus essential oils are safe to use in this recipe. Some other options: lemon, grapefruit, orange, basil, or a cleaning blend.

Let me just say, I LOVE using this spray. It does an even better job than the products I used to purchase that were full of nasty chemicals and it’s much less expensive to make. It leaves my counters clean and shiny and it makes my kitchen smell fresh and lovely.

And since I love multi-purpose products, I use this spray to disinfect other surfaces as well: our kitchen table, my son’s high chair tray, doorknobs and handles, I’ve even used it to clean the screen covers  on my phone and tablet!

If you try making this granite cleaner, please leave a comment below or tag me on Instagram or Facebook to let me know! I’d also love to hear about any DIY natural cleaning solutions that you love to use. Please share them in the comments below!

An Easy-to-Make, Inexpensive Homemade Granite Cleaner that will leave your counters clean and sparkling!
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